Our collaborative team of Certified Nurse Midwives and obstetricians deliver babies at ST Vincent Clay hospital in Middleburg the nearest delivering hospital to our office.   Prenatal clients can also receive all of their prenatal care with our office and choose to deliver in a hospital of their choice in Gainesville either Shands or North Florida Regional Medical Center with our collaborative OB team. 

All postpartum and newborn care will continue with our office after discharge from the hospital you delivered at.  Your Certified Nurse Midwife will discuss with you your options and choices about delivery during your care.


We discuss with each woman prior to her labor what she envisions for her birth . This may include having pain medication or an epidural in labor or avoiding those procedures with non-invasive support options like Bradley method of labor. We do encourage natural processes such as walking at the beginning of labor, drinking fluids, and other comfort measures to help you have a normal birth and a healthy baby.    

BIRTHING out of hospital

As of 2/1/19 sadly our Birthing Center of 20 years closed at our office for lack of interest by our Birthing Clients.

We are aware there are still those of you that might be interested in safe out of hospital options for your birth experience.  We still want to assist you in your desire to obtain a safe out of hospital birth please speak to Dr Lenas (Anita) DNP, CNM, FNP in our office who does our prenatal care about options for you to consider. 


Our desire for all of our maternity patients is to have a safe, peaceful and family focused birth experience.  

Our maternity clients often tell us how special and transforming their prenatal care and birth experience was for their family.  This is also why the majority of our families continue ongoing primary care for themselves and their children with us after the prenatal care is over. 

Quiet and private, this experience is all about the couple/family being together with their "new little gift from God."




After a hospital delivery our birth team will continue to care for you until you are discharged home.  


After Birth Center delivery you will recover in our birth center until you are discharged to return home. The following day, a Licensed Midwife will come to your home to check on you and the baby. She is always available 24/7 to you should you need her at anytime.  


After the immediate follow-up care during the first few days, our team of Family Nurse Practitioners along with your prenatal care midwife continue to offer this same continuity of care for you and your baby throughout your postpartum period and then general health care for you and your children for your lifetime.

We are committed to your health and the health of your baby beyond your prenatal care and delivery.