Our Nurse Practitioners and Midwives love to give our clients information about how to get healthy and stay healthy throughout the lifespan. We want to make sure you have everything you need to begin your journey with your new baby. 


Some of the support you can expect to be available to you as part of our healthcare family are:


• 24/7 Access to a Provider By Phone

• Breastfeeding/ Lactation Consulting

• Newborn Care

• Mental Health and Family Wellness Services

We are dedicated to offering evidence-based medical care and information in our time with our clients during appointments and in support and class venues.


Support and Classes we can schedule and offer throughout the year include: Please ask for details. 


(All of the classes listed above are offered and then scheduled as we have enough clients interested to sign up to come.  If you are interested in a class please speak to your provider about it and we will see about getting it scheduled.)

For additional online resources please visit the following websites:

American Academy of Pediatrics

Prenatal - Young Adult 


Ask Dr Sears - Official Site

Breastfeeding and Parenting


Jack Newman, MD

• Prenatal health information

• Parenting support          

• Breastfeeding support  

• Teen parent support   

• Smoking cessation support     

• Childbirth education support  

• New baby care information

• Weight loss program